Asimina triloba - seedling strain (3 gal) Pawpaw Tree

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Genus: Asimina Species: triloba At Maturity: Height: 15-20' Spread: 15-20' (at time of purchase plant size is 24" - 30") Consider yourself lucky to be able to grow a pawpaw tree in your garden. They are the only tropical fruit bearing trees native to the United States. The large fruit with a creamy custard-like flesh has tropical flavors when eaten. Pawpaws are best harvested when fruit is soft and eaten within two to three days or can be frozen. Pawpaws need 2 trees for cross pollination. Typically bear fruit at around 7 years. This is a 2 year old seedling strain. You need to have 2 of these trees for pollination to occur. Best grown in light shade. Additional Information at this Link: Wikimedia Commons: License Details:

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