Color Your Summer Garden

Enjoy the Pride Plantings at the Arboretum This Summer

by Laura McCabe

While green is good, many of us gardeners like to add other colors to our landscapes. A popular way to make your garden more colorful is to include annual blooming flowers. Unlike hardy perennials, annuals (including tender perennials) must be planted as bedding plants each spring. Many of these annuals will bloom prolifically for months, adding cheerful, celebratory pops of color among the green in your garden.

What flowers do you like, and what annuals do well here in southeastern North Carolina? The Arboretum can help answer those questions! This year, we are presenting our first annual PRIDE PLANTINGS - an exhibit of annual flowers in mass plantings, presented as a rainbow spectrum. Over the next several weeks, you’ll notice the swath of plantings along busy Oleander Drive become an undulating rainbow of color...

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